Entering contests on SuperDraft is simple! I am here to run through the steps with you to enter your first contest on the app!

3 steps to enter contests on SuperDraft

Search the lobby for the contest of your choice

In the screenshot below, you will see the lobby. This can be sorted by sport, entry fee and much more. For this, we are in the lobby searching for NBA contests to enter.

Once you press the contests you want to enter, the top of your phone screen will look like the below screenshot. This will tell you the contest name, the entry fee and the Prize Pool for the contest. You will also see the number of entries that are already in and the max amount. Also worth noting are the tabs below that information.

  • “Entries” will show you who has already entered
  • “Details” will tell you the payout structure for this contest
  • “Games” will list the games that are involved in this contest
  • “Rules” will show you how you can build your lineup as well as how the contest is scored

Pick your lineup

Now that we have ran through that, we can start picking our lineup! This is the first screen you will see when selecting the players for your lineup. When selecting a position, a list of all available players for that position will appear.

For this example, we selected “Guards.” This gives us a list of all players that can be selected to a lineup as a Guard. The same thing applies for both Forwards and Centers.

Another thing to note is the filter options you have at the top of the screen. The default setting lists the players by multiplier going from low to high. You can change this by tapping the two oranges x’s. You can then change the filter to “multiplier high to low”, “FPPG high to low” or “FPPG low to high. Then with the FPPG filter, you can display those numbers for all the players from last 1, 2, 4 weeks, or the entire season. Finally, you can filter the players by the game they are playing in.

After weighing all of the options, I decided to grab Bradley Beal for this lineup and then had myself a grand old time building this bad boy to win the big one!

At the bottom of the above screenshot, you can see that the second player in my lineup is blue because Beal is in my second Guard position. This helps to keep track of which positions you need. The screenshot below shows all players as blue signifying I am ready to enter this lineup.


All we have to do now is press “Submit”!

You will receive a pop-up once you have completed this correctly to let you know that it was successful!

If you want to verify your lineup saved, you can go to your upcoming contests page to check it out.

Not sure what contest is best for you? Read our recommendation here.

Ready to enter a contest? Go to SuperDraft, or download the app!

As always, if you have any questions on this, please use the link below. We would be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have!



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