what is the best DFS site

There are many things that are important to making a DFS platform great and determining what is the best DFS site. Let’s discuss them and how SuperDraft handles each one vs the competing DFS sites!

Key factors to consider when looking at Daily Fantasy Sports sites

BrandFeatured Game ModeDeposit MatchMin/Max DepositDeposit ProcessWithdrawal ProcessNumber of Sports offeredSocial Media Giveaways
DraftKingsSalary CapUp to $100Min: $5
Max: $20,000
Credit Card, Paypal, DK Gift Card3-5 business days22Roughly 1 per month
SuperDraftMultiplier Up to $20Min: $10
Max: $1,000
Credit Card 1-6 business days 10Roughly 2 per week
FanDuelSalary CapUp to $500Min: $5
Max: $25,000
Credit Card, PayPal, Online Banking, Wire Transfer2-4 business days21Roughly 1 every 2 weeks
Monkey Knife FightPick’emUp to $100Min: $10
Max: $1,000
Credit Card2-6 business days13Roughly 1 per week

Featured Game Mode

The featured game mode is crucial in determining what are the best daily fantasy sites because it is the actual game you are playing. DraftKings and FanDuel have the salary cap game mode. In this game mode, each player available to draft is given a salary value. When drafting your team, there is a salary limit that you have to stay within the boundaries of. The best players get the highest-priced salaries and the worst players get the lowest-priced salaries. It is designed so you have to skillfully build your team within the salary restrictions.

Monkey Knife Fight features a pick’em style game mode. For a specific event, you will have the chance to make a pick of certain outcomes and decide how much money you want to put on it. For example, in a 2021 NBA Finals contest, you will have to pick whether Giannis will score over or under 32.5 points AND if DeAndre Ayton will secure over or under 13.5 rebounds. If you pick both correctly, you will be paid out a cash prize. There are many types of variations of these types of contests on Monkey Knife Fight.

SuperDraft offers the multiplier game mode as one of the newest daily fantasy sports sites. When playing multiplier, each player is given a multiplier value (1x, 1.3x, 2x, etc).

The multiplier value a player has will be the number that is multiplied by the total fantasy points a player scores.

For example, if Kevin Durant scores 66 fantasy points and has a multiplier value of 1.1x, his final fantasy point total will be 72.6.

The lower the multiplier values will go to the best players and the high multiplier values will be assigned to the worst players. In this format, there are no limits to how many types of lineups you can build contrary to the salary cap format. You can build a team full of All-Stars, a team of all high-multiplier players, or a mix of both. You can build any team you want which in most cases leads to more fun.

Deposit Match

A deposit match is when you match or exceed a given amount of money when depositing funds. For example, if there is a deposit match offer of $100, you will have to deposit $100 or more to receive that bonus of $100.

When it comes to Deposit matches, DraftKings and Fanduel will always be among the highest. They are the top daily fantasy sports sites at the moment with the most highly-skilled, high-paying players which in turn gives them the ability to offer these bigger deposit matches. Fanduel right now is providing the biggest one by far at $500 while DraftKings is settling at $100. Monkey Knife Fight at the moment is offering the same as DraftKings with a $100 match.

SuperDraft is currently offering the lowest deposit match of $20. SuperDraft wants to cater to casual players by offering this low deposit offer. A more highly skilled player is not going to be interested in a number that low so there will be more room for casual players to come in and make a smaller deposit while also getting some bonus funds. With less highly skilled players means an easier game to win. A note with all deposit matches is they are very subject to change at all times with all four platforms.

Minimum and Maximum Deposits

The minimum and maximum amounts you can deposit concept is very similar to the deposit matches. The two top DFS providers DraftKings and FanDuel have the lowest minimum and by far the biggest maximum. FanDuel is higher by $5,000 but them having a $25,000 max deposit is basically the same as DraftKings having a $20,000 maximum deposit.

They are both trying to appeal to the top-level players who are willing to deposit that amount of money. They both have a lower minimum deposit of $5 because they can afford to as the two industry leaders.

On the other hand, SuperDraft and Monkey Knife Fight have the exact same minimum and maximum deposits. They are both at $10 in order to not have too many players become nickel and dime type players. This is a sensible step for smaller platforms.

As far as the maximum deposit is concerned, having it cap out at $1,000 for one transaction is a move towards winnability for the casual players on SuperDraft. High-level players are not going to want to have that small of a cap on a deposit so it allows more casual players to be involved on SuperDraft. This is another factor in SuperDraft being a more winnable experience for casual DFS players.

On Monkey Knife Fight, the maximum deposit cap of $1,000 does not help the winnability because their contests do not feature players facing off against one another. Keep in mind, the maximum deposit of $1,000 for SuperDraft and Monkey Knife Fight is just for one transaction. For example, a user would be able to deposit $1,000 five separate times to deposit $5,000.

Deposit Process

When it comes to the step-by-step process on how to deposit funds, the process is pretty similar across the board for all four platforms. What is different is the options given to make a deposit. FanDuel separates itself as they have four methods in which you can deposit funds. There are simply more options to choose from with deposits eligible to be made via credit card, PayPal, online banking, or wire transfer.

DraftKings is a step down as they do not offer online banking or a wire transfer as a means to deposit. What they do offer is their own gift card. No other platform offers its own gift card and you are not eligible to deposit with a regular gift card on any of the platforms.

SuperDraft and Monkey Knife Fight are in the same boat here as they only offer credit card deposits. They allow Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card which is the same as DraftKings and Fanduel as far as credit card offerings are concerned.

Withdrawal Process

The withdrawal process on each DFS platform varies slightly. At DraftKings, you can withdrawal using PayPal or a paper check. When withdrawing funds using PayPal, it will take 3-5 business days for the funds to land in your PayPal account. The paper check withdrawal will take 7-14 business days.

The process can be a little confusing because all funds that you are withdrawing that were deposited, will get refunded back to the deposit source within 90 days. The rest of the funds will go to PayPal or the Paper Check depending on what is chosen. The confusion comes when in some cases you see the payment on PayPal or on the Paper check it will not be the exact number you withdrew.

On FanDuel, you can withdraw via PayPal, online banking, or paper check. When using PayPal it takes 2 days for the funds to arrive. For online banking, it will take 2-4 business days to arrive in your bank account and the paper check request will take 7-10 business days. They do not do anything with the deposited funds like DraftKings does. All of the funds being withdrawn will go to the method of choice.

On Monkey Knife Fight, there are two methods of withdrawal. There is an ACH withdrawal and an e-check withdrawal. The ACH withdrawal is going directly to your bank account which will take 2-6 business days. The e-check is a printable check sent to your email which will take 1-3 business days to arrive in your email inbox. Another note is Monkey Knife Fight requires a minimum withdrawal of $20. In addition to that, is they also have the same deposited funds requirement as DraftKings.

SuperDraft has the same two methods of withdrawal as Monkey Knife Fight. The ACH withdrawal will take 1-6 business days and the e-check will be almost immediate. The minimum withdrawal requirement is $10. There is great value in SuperDraft’s withdrawal process as it does not have the deposited funds complication that hinders DraftKings and Monkey Knife Fight. SuperDraft while having the same methods as Monkey Knife Fight has a faster process while also being less restrictive in when you can withdraw funds. This is shown in the $10 minimum withdrawal vs. $20.

Number of Sports Offered

The majority of the sports in Daily Fantasy Sports are shared among all four of the platforms. The commonalities among all four platforms include NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA, NASCAR, MMA, and WNBA. The first seven listed are the cleat-cut most popular daily fantasy sports.

DraftKings and FanDuel for the most part have the same offerings. The main sports they have that SuperDraft and Monkey Knife Fight do not are College Basketball, College Football, XFL, and Tennis. The sports that just DraftKings has are CFL, Euroleague basketball, and Australian football. Fanduel exclusively has Korean baseball. When it comes to e-sports offerings, DraftKings offers seven e-sports, FanDuel offers six, Monkey Knife Fight offers three and SuperDraft does not offer e-sports.

As the two biggest DFS platforms, DraftKings and Fanduel have the ability to offer many different types of sports. As far as Monkey Knife Fight is concerned, they have soccer and three e-sports games just like DraftKings and Fanduel while SuperDraft does not.

On SuperDraft, while not having any e-sports or Soccer like the other three platforms, we do have Fantasy Poker and Big 3 basketball. SuperDraft is the only platform to have contests for these two sports. Being the only Daily Fantasy Sports provider to have these two sports combined with the multiplier game mode makes SuperDraft a disruptive player in the DFS space.

Social Media Giveaways

One of the underrated aspects of good DFS sites is how often they are willing to treat their players to free contest tickets, apparel, and other prizes.

DraftKings does not do giveaways often. They will only do a giveaway just on Twitter about once per month. They usually are giving away a contest ticket or DraftKings merchandise. The competition is also stiff with these giveaways because DraftKings has 321.3K followers on Twitter.

FanDuel does giveaways on Twitter a little more often than DraftKings as they do about one every two weeks. The big focus for Fanduel giveaways is their DFS credits. On their platform, this is non-withdrawal cash you can use to enter their contests. Like DraftKings, the winnability for the Giveaways is difficult as they have 257.8K followers on Twitter.

There are more opportunities to win giveaways on Monkey Knife Fight compared to DraftKings and Fanduel as there is about one giveaway per week. The focus of these giveaways are tickets and MKF cash which is the same as Fanduel’s DFS credits. They only feature their giveaways on Twitter.

They do more ‘giveaways’ but it is in the framework of a contest. For example, in the MLB All-Star game, they did this: “Reply with a player that you predict will record a hit MLB All-Star Game. If your guess gets a hit, you’ll win a $10 MLB ticket!”. They do have an advantage on Fanduel and DraftKings with having only 10.7K followers. The giveaways are a more winnable experience as a result.

SuperDraft has the advantage when it comes to giveaways as there are about two of them run per week across Twitter and Instagram. They are the only DFS site to consistently do giveaways on Instagram. The primary focus on SuperDraft giveaways is free tickets into a particular contest where you either have to like, retweet or comment to put yourself in the running.

SuperDraft has 7.4K followers on Twitter and 2.1K followers on Instagram so the giveaway experience on SuperDraft is significantly more winnable. With there being around two per week and the social following not nearly as large as sites like DraftKings and Fanduel, there is a great chance to win free entries if you consistently participate in these giveaways. This experience is very beneficial to the casual player as they get a greater chance to win free entries to test out their skills without any financial risk.

Time to choose your DFS Platform

We hope all this information was helpful for you to determine what your desires are in choosing Daily Fantasy sites. However, if you are just getting started with DFS, SuperDraft is the best place to play Daily Fantasy Sports. The main reason for this is that SuperDraft has the most fun and winnable gameplay in the DFS space.

The flexibility provided by the Multiplier game mode makes it a very easy and fun concept to play. The deposit process, the $20 deposit match, the social media giveaways are just a few of the factors that make the SuperDraft experience the most winnable in the industry.

Lastly, the withdrawal process makes SuperDraft the DFS site you can trust the most to receive the money you earn. The e-check and ACH withdrawal methods are quick and easy with no complications to receive your money fast.

Want to play with us? Great! You can download our app in the Apple Store or Google Play Store and also play on the SuperDraft website.


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