Daily fantasy poker on SuperDraft

Daily fantasy poker on SuperDraft is the first of its kind dfs poker option for poker fanatics, fantasy sports fans, and all of you SuperDraft’ers. During events such as the World Series of Poker, we will be offering you the opportunity to build a fantasy poker lineup featuring players that are competing in the contests. You can see if daily fantasy sports are legal in your state here! If not, never fear, we have a free-to-enter contest that features real cash prizes which are perfectly legal in all 50 states. 

What Is Fantasy Poker?

Fantasy Poker is just like daily fantasy football, baseball, basketball, or UFC fantasy contests, but for poker!

How to play?

If you have ever played a daily fantasy sport on SuperDraft, you know that we predominantly feature two game modes, multiplier mode and champion mode. However, our poker option ONLY features Champion Mode.

You will select one player to be your champion and 4 “flex” players to finish your fantasy poker lineup. 

Fantasy Poker Game Mode

Each poker player that is competing in a contest, such as the WSOP will be given a multiplier value based on their projected value. The stronger the player, the lower the multiplier. 

Fantasy poker only features Champion mode. 

When playing dfs poker on champion mode, you will select one player or “champion” who will receive a 50% multiplier boost and 4 “flex” players! For your champion, if you select a player who is normally a 1.5X to be your champion, that player will actually receive a 2.25X multiplier

Your other four selections, however, will have their standard multiplier scores. This is a fun way to create more value for the typically strong players, or maybe select a longshot as your champion, hope they do well and have a HUGE score to help boost you to the top of the leaderboards.

Why Should I Play?

Not sure why you should play dfs poker on SuperDraft? Well, allow me to help soothe your thoughts. First, SuperDraft is the first and only fantasy poker option. 

Fantasy poker is a new game, which means there will likely be some pretty large overlays in our poker event offerings. That means there are even fewer people you need to beat to take down the competition. What could be better than stacking the deck in your favor to win some serious cash? Right now, playing DFS poker is a newer landscape, you have the freedom to test lineup options, find a strategy that works, and continue to win real cash that you can use however you please.

Let’s face it, poker is a lot more fun to watch when you feel like you have skin in the game. Obviously, you’re not a skilled enough poker player to be competing professionally, so the next best thing would be drafting the professionals to your team. They may be playing for a multi-million dollar final table prize while you are competing for your own cash prize too!

Poker Scoring

Here is a very brief breakdown of how we will score our fantasy poker lineup. So, you select your Champion and four “flex” players. Your lineup is locked in and you’re ready to go. For a quick example. You select Volpe 1.5X, Negreanu 1.5X, Hennigan 1.5X, Baker1.6X, and Klodnicki 1.75X. You have decided to make Volpe your champion so he is boosted to 2.25X.

Volpe comes in 3rd, Negreanu 12th, Hennigan, 20th, and Baker and Klodnicki are 21st and 50th. 

Baker and Klodnicki net you 0 points each. Volpe with his 2.25X gets 75 points for being in the top 3, 150 points for placing third, 25 points for being in the money, and 50 points for being at the final table. So (75+150+25+50) * 2.25X = 675 points. You then add in Negreanu’s 55 * 1.5 and Hennigan’s 15 * 1.5X and you get 675+82.5+22.5=780 fpts. That’s a huge score! 

How Can I Join To Play Fantasy Poker?

Want to play? If you don’t already have an account, you can download the SuperDraft app in the google play or app store, create an account, and you’re ready to go. 

Additionally, SuperDraft offers a subscription that guarantees a freeroll daily on various sporting events for your fantasy pleasure. That means, there are absolutely zero geo-restricted states within the United States that you can’t play SuperDraft!


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