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Let’s take a look of our selection of the best wide receivers of the 2021 NFL season. Will they make it, or break it? I guess we’ll have to see – but they have our vote (for now) to consider them when you’re drafting your fantasy football lineup. With further ado here are our tip picks:

Which wide receiver should I pick for fantasy football?

Like always, doing your “matchup homework” is important but let’s look at a few wide receivers that are ALWAYS worth considering in your daily fantasy football lineup. 

Davante Adams, Green Bay Packers 

Davante Adams was far and beyond the best wr in the oddity that was 2020. He has gone to four straight pro bowls and proven himself an elite route runner. Adams has achieved a 92.2 receiver rating with a 0.9 Wins Above Replacement (WAR). Adams also averaged 2.96 yards per route which makes it easy to see the fantasy football value he provides. 

Additionally, with Aaron Rodgers, one of the best quarterbacks of this generation returning for another season, Adams is poised to have another massive year on the field providing you with huge fantasy value. 

Deandre Hopkins, Arizona Cardinals 

Hopkins, one of the top five receivers in five of the past six NFL football seasons, has notched an 88 receiver grade or higher each of those six seasons. In March of 2020 he was traded to the Arizona Cardinals to team up with QB Kyler Murray where he was able to stay atop his game, averaging 2.25 yards per route with a .9% drop rate (tied for lowest in the league). 

With his 13 contested catches which tied for ninth, the most memorable of which was the Hail Mary play where he was guarded by 4 different players and still pulled down the touchdown catch. The Cardinals bolstered their lineup this offseason with some big signs such as AJ Green and James Conner that provide other solid options and begin to take some of the strain off of Hopkins. Look to him to have another great season with fewer contested catches. 

Tyreek Hill, Kansas City Chiefs 

Tyreek Hill is the most threatening deep ball receiver in the game today. In four years he has 56 receptions, 2,240 yards, and 25 touchdowns on targets over 20 yards. If you compare him to receivers in the last decade he’s still top 5 on that list. 

To cap off the benefit of having such a lethal downfield threat, the Kansas City Chiefs bolstered their offensive line this offseason, providing even more protection to the elite quarterback that is Patrick Mahomes. All of this hints at seeing more deep ball options for “The Cheetah”. 

Allen Robinson II, Chicago Bears 

Allen Robinson is often overlooked as a top receiver. Robinson notched a 1% drop rate last season including 21 contested catches. Keep in mind, Robinson was able to do this with the likes of Nick Foles and Mitch Trubisky. 

Now, with a legitimately threatening quarterback in Justin Fields, we can expect a big year out of Robinson. The Chicago Bears still may not look promising, but the Fields and Robinson connection looks to be their strongest option and one we look forward to weekly. Allen Robinson is worth your consideration every single week.   

Julio Jones, Tennessee Titans 

Julio Jones is one of only a few that can say he is a “player’s pick” top wide receiver of the last decade as well as a statistical all-star. Even with his injuries, he racked up an 86.3 PFF and 2.6 yards per route, and he was able to turn 35% of his receptions into carries of 15 yards or more. 

Julio is entering this season on a brand new team with Ryan Tannehill at the helm and David Henry in the backfield. Because Henry presents such major problems, Julio should have plenty of open looks outside the hashes. Despite his new scenery, we can expect him to still outperform the majority of the leagues receivers. 

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Every week there will be a one-off receiver who has an exceptional week, but these 5 wide receivers are worth considering every time you set your daily fantasy football lineup. 

If you are looking for more advice, we have many more tips on how to win fantasy football. We break down what to consider when selecting fantasy football wide receivers, game modes, and more. We hope you use all of this newfound knowledge and get in on the action here on SuperDraft and start monetizing your favorite teams!  


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