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There’s absolutely no doubt about it. A good quarterback is the key to winning football games. This holds true for your daily fantasy football lineup as well. There are plenty of great options to choose from. Quarterbacks will be one of your top scoring players week in and week out and it is therefore apparent why a high-quality quarterback is so important. Without further ado, let’s get into the best quarterbacks to draft in fantasy football. 

Top QBs to Draft in the 2021 NFL season

Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs

Mahomes and the Chiefs look to make a return to the Super Bowl in 2021. Despite their blowout loss in the big game, Patrick Mahomes is still the top-ranked quarterback this year and should be considered most weeks. He creates a special blend of athleticism and arm strength. 

Additionally, his offense is scattered with threatening targets. Whether it’s Tyreek Hill downfield, Travis Kelce over the middle, or an offensive line creating holes big enough to sneak through, Mahomes is sure to put up major fantasy points. Last year he notched a 66.3% completion rate, with 38 touchdowns, and 4,740 yards in the regular season, he is poised to repeat these numbers. 

Josh Allen – Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen provides all the fuel the Bills need. With an absolutely electric arm, stellar athleticism, and strength to withstand some big hits, Allen is clearly one of the best QBs in the NFL. In 2020 he had a 69.2% (better than Mahomes) completion rate with 37 touchdowns (1 shy of Mahomes), and 4,544 yards. The Bills Mafia are not the only ones who will get excited watching this guy play. You will too if you play fantasy football weekly and you draft him to your lineup. 

Kyler Murray – Arizona Cardinals 

Murray is like a smaller, shiftier Josh Allen! In his two seasons, Murray has shown his height doesn’t make him a tier 2 fantasy quarterback. He has notched 46 touchdowns 15 of which he ran in himself. This number may seem small but consider in 2020 he had 26 touchdowns due in part to the addition of one of the best receivers in the league being Deandre Hopkins. Murray is a legitimate dual-threat option and should be considered week in and week out. 

Lamar Jackson – Baltimore Ravens  

Pretty good for a running back, right? Jackson was criticized early in his career for his love of running the football. In 2018, his rookie season, he completed only 99 of his 170 attempts. Abysmal at best for a quarterback, however, he managed to go 6-1 in his starts. That number has since skyrocketed. In 2019 he had 265/401 completions and in 2020 he notched an 11-4 regular-season record with a 64.4% completion rate. 

With the best left tackle in the game returning this year from injury (Ronnie Stanley), Lamar is going to continue to do what Lamar does… put up numbers. His QB IQ continues to develop and he has proven the last 2 seasons he’s willing to adapt. His flat-out athleticism makes him a running threat. Expect more big numbers from Jackson in 2021. 

Dak Prescott – Dallas Cowboys 

Prescott is returning this year from a grueling compound tibia fibula fracture he suffered in Week 5 last year. The two-time pro-bowler has had a questionable pre-season citing a shoulder strain as the main source of drama at the Cowboys pre-season camp. 

Despite all of this, Dak has had a 66% completion rate, 17,634 yards (a 4,100 avg), and 106 touchdowns (a 25 avg) in his 4 and a 1/3 year career. These numbers alone compete with the best of the best. Dak returns to the field this year with running back Ezekiel Elliot. Returning to form, both Dak and Zeke expect big numbers.


These guys aren’t the only studs leading the field, but they have proved themselves over their careers as the top fantasy quarterbacks. Don’t forget, a few of these QB’s throw to some of the best receivers in the NFL! Use all of this information to get in on the SuperDraft daily fantasy football action! 


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