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As with every Tuesday, I’m back again for my weekly MLB SuperDraft breakdown. Once a week I will be bringing this article to SuperDraft to break down and analyze the slate of MLB games for the night, as well as a review of the article the following day to recap the results.

With the unique twist of the projection “multiplier,” rather than the standard salary cap adding an extra layer to the lineup building process, it’s important to measure a player’s upside in comparison to their multiplier. With baseball being a sport with a ton of variance, it is difficult to find players with extremely safe floors, even the best players in the game will have games where they produce 0 fantasy points.

However, the absence of a salary cap also gives us the flexibility to roster any player since we don’t have to worry about those restrictions. This means we can still “stack,” or pair several players from the same team in order to achieve correlation in fantasy point scoring and upside. But we can also treat the players with the higher multiplier as a priority. Now, let’s dive right into the slate!

As always, be sure to monitor weather issues and make sure you are confirming that each player listed in the article is in the starting lineup before rostering them in your SuperDraft lineups.


We have arrived in the postseason season, and that means we have a showdown slate on our hands. Keep in mind that with his format you will roster a “Champion” player that will receive a 50% multiplier than their price at the “Superflex” position. You can roster any position, so naturally the more optimal route is going to be using pitcher in the “Champ” slot, so let’s take a quick look at some math to back that up.


Walker Buehler, Los Angeles Dodgers (1.1x score multiplier)

Buehler does not have the best multiplier on Tuesday’s slate, but what he does have working for him is that he is the best pitcher on the board and will likely have the best chance at going deep into the game among the pitchers on the slate.

Nick Pivetta, Boston Red Sox (1.95x)

Pivetta has gone 4 and 4.2 IP in his two playoff appearances so far, and the Red Sox have been rather quick to turn to their bullpen so far this postseason. However, Pivetta’s multiplier is by far the best on the slate, and that is enough for me on a small two-game slate.


Kyle Tucker, Houston Astros (1.85x)

More likely than not, you are going to have to use a hitter or two against your pitcher on a two-game slate, so with that being the case Tucker at 1.85x is definitely the route I am looking toward. Tucker had a .250 ISO against RHP this year, so he can definitely supply us with some power and the multiplier is an added bonus.

Kiké Hernández (1.4x)

Hernández has been amazing so far this postseason, and if stacking, the Red Sox are where I look for Tuesday’s slate. The Red Sox have hit 18 HRs in the last six games, and Zack Greinke is one of the more attackable pitchers on the slate.

Overall, it is still fairly tough to full on stack on a two-game slate, so using both Tucker and Pivetta is something I am OK with. Kiké Hernández at 1.4x makes for one of my top hitters of the night and despite just a 1.1x multiplier for Walker Buehler, he is the pitcher I feel best about on the slate.

This article expresses the personal views of the writer and does not reflect the view(s) of SuperDraft in any way.

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