Freddie Freeman is one of our picks in the NLCS game 5 DFS picks tonight
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The American League is off Thursday, so we have just a one-game DFS slate, featuring Game 5 of the NLCS between the Braves and Dodgers in Los Angeles. SuperDraft has a unique way to play with the “multiplier” mode. They no salary cap, so enjoy picking everyone you want. Instead, the safer/chalkier players have lower multipliers, while the players that appear to have more risk have higher multipliers, allowing for more upside. With just one game, you will select a “Champion” that has a 50% boost on their “Superflex” multiplier. Typically pitchers will score higher and thus are usually better in the “Champion” spot. The tricky thing is that that will be a popular move so it could make sense to pick a hitter instead.


Max Fried, Atlanta Braves (1.4x score multiplier)

Fried was really good in Game 1, probably better than the box score suggests. He allowed 2 earned runs on 8 hits in 6 innings while striking out 5. I am surprised his multiplier is not higher considering how tough the Dodgers are to pitch against. He is the only starting pitcher we are certain about, so he is virtually a lock for lineups unless you think the Dodgers get to him early. His home/road splits are fairly identical, although his strikeout rate increases slightly on the road. I will pretty much lock him into my lineup(s) as I think him repeating his last outing is the most likely outcome. Plus, he has the highest upside as the only true starting pitcher. He’ll likely be a Superflex because his multiplier is just 2.1x at Champion so I’d rather stick a hitter there. However, he will have the most opportunity to score by far so rolling with him at Champion certainly isn’t a bad idea.

Los Angeles Dodgers

It’s another bullpen game for the Dodgers this series. Since there is no guarantee who will get the bulk of innings, it gets tough to roster any of the pitchers. With this being a potential elimination game, I feel pretty confident Max Scherzer will come in unless the Dodgers are winning big or he hasn’t had enough rest/recovery since Game 2 (that feels unlikely though). It sucks that Scherzer’s multiplier is just 1x, but he’s the only Dodgers pitcher I personally feel comfortable enough to roster. I definitely will not be putting one in the Champion spot, that’s for sure.


Freddie Freeman, Atlanta Braves (1.9x)

I am in absolute and complete shock to find the reigning NL MVP with a multiplier this high. I know he went hitless in the first two games, but he is one of the best players in the game (hence the MVP). Additionally, he has been awesome in the last two games (5-8 with a double and a home run). Freeman can hit anyone, which is a major plus with it being a bullpen game. At Champion his multiplier soars to 2.85x which is another reason I want him in that spot.

Eddie Rosario, Atlanta Braves (2x)

He has been the best Braves hitter in the postseason (hitting .467) and he absolutely went off in Game 4, going 4-5 with a triple and two home runs. His second four-hit game of the series will likely make him popular and then even more popular when everyone sees his multiplier. He is not as versatile as Freeman, so I still prefer Freeman at the Champion spot, but Rosario’s hot streak is certainly enticing.

Trea Turner, Los Angeles Dodgers (1.5x)

Turner has been fantastic against left-handed pitching since 2019 with a .431 wOBA, .258 ISO and 36.7% hard contact rate. Coming from the Nationals and the NL East, he is very familiar with Max Fried. In his career, he has gone 7-21 against him with a double and a home run. In Game 1 he hit two singles and stole second base in the fifth inning against Fried. His multiplier goes up to 2.25x at Champion.

Mookie Betts, Los Angeles Dodgers (1.9x)

This is another multiplier I am shocked by, as Betts has been the best hitter for the Dodgers this postseason, hitting .368 with five stolen bases as well. He has had some struggles against left-handed pitching, particularly in 2020, but overall he does well with a .341 wOBA, .171 ISO and 41.3% hard contact rate since 2019. In the three elimination games this postseason, Betts has been great going 8-12 with a home run. He went hitless in Game 1 against Fried, but he has too much talent to be worried about that.

Slate Overview

With it being a bullpen game for the Dodgers, I won’t be rostering any of their pitchers. I think you can roster Max Scherzer in hopes of being different. Note, I would be surprised if he pitched more than two innings, and to score, you’ll need more than that. Max Fried essentially has to be in your lineup because of the bullpen game. It is VERY unlikely you pick five hitters that all perform well. I have no issue putting him in the Champion spot but I prefer a hitter with a higher multiplier. I think you can put any of the hitters above in the Champion spot but I’d rank them Freeman, Betts, Rosario, Turner.

This article expresses the personal views of the writer and does not reflect the view(s) of SuperDraft in any way.

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