When you think about winning cash in DFS, you think about everything regarding picking players for your lineup. Whether that is finding the underrated gem, the star player who is destined to go off, or the stack that will break the slate. What is often not thought about in winning large amounts of cash on SuperDraft is the method you can use to win that has NOTHING to do with drafting the right players. This concept is called Overlay. 

You may have seen this term floated around on social media in DFS circles a few times but I am sure this exact question comes to your mind: What in the world is Overlay!? This is why I am here to help! 

The concept of Overlay is when a contest that is guaranteed to payout a certain amount of money is not close to filling up the maximum amount of entries allowed in the contest. Here is an example for you to look at:

This NBA contest ended up with 6,624 entrants which is a little bit of overlay but enough to make a sizable impact on whether you can win cash. In a situation where this contest filled up, the top 1,700 lineups out of the 7,533 entered in this contest are awarded a cash prize. In this situation with 6,624 lineups, the top 1,700 lineups out of 6,624 will be awarded a cash prize.

While that does not seem like a big difference, you are entering a contest where you will have 909 fewer lineups to compete against. You would think with that amount of lineups being cut out the prize structure would change right? NOPE! You get to play for the same amount of cash prizes despite 909 lineups not being there to compete against you. If that doesn’t scream “easy money” I don’t know what does.

There are circumstances where there is more significant overlay. Such as this contest here:

This $50,000 NBA contest pays out the top 900 lineups. If you were one of the lineups entered into this contest, you just had to crack the top 900 out of 2,837 take home some money that night. Let’s say you entered this contest and it filled up. In order to cash, you would have to crack the top 900 out of 3,900 lineups that are entered into this contest. Just by entering this overlaid contest, you are immediately edging out 1,063 potential lineups. This is all while the cash prizes stay the same.  

This is the beauty of overlay. You do not need to be a fantasy expert to use this to your advantage. You just need to recognize the overlay when you see it. Once you do, all you have to do is enter that contest, and you have given yourself a big competitive advantage. This is more impactful than any type of analysis or hot tips you find. Keep your eyes out for contests destined to overlay and you will be GUARANTEED to become a winner on SuperDraft, the future of Daily Fantasy Sports.

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