When playing DFS on SuperDraft there are four main types of currency. Here we will dive into each one to ensure you have a perfect understanding of each so you can have the best SuperDraft experience possible! We will start with the form of currency nearly every human on the planet is familiar with.


There is not much explanation needed here. You use cash in order to enter our contests and to deposit funds. The winnings for our contests are paid out in cash and you can withdraw the cash from your account via ACH or e-Check. Now we get into the more complex forms of currency. 


SuperCash is funds you can use to enter contests with. The difference between SuperCash and Cash is the funds are not withdrawable. You can only use them to enter contests. A couple of things to note about SuperCash is when you have some in your balance, those are funds that will be used first when you enter a contest. For example, if you have a balance of $50 with $25 of it being SuperCash and you enter a $15 contest, you will be charged in SuperCash for that entry fee. Another thing to note is if you enter a contest in SuperCash you will be paid out in REGULAR CASH. Entering with SuperCash does not impact your winnings. Lastly, when you look at your total balance, SuperCash will be included in that. However, if you go to your profile page, it will show you your cash balance and SuperCash balance:

As far as how you get SuperCash, it is earned primarily through promotions. Either using our refer-a-friend offer, which you can learn about here, or using certain promo codes when registering your account. You can also win SuperCash in certain free contests and on our daily rewards wheel on the app. 


Contest tickets are a pretty simple concept. They are basically a free entry into a specific contest based on the price. For example, if you have a $10 ticket, this is a free entry into any $10 contest that is available. Please note that you cannot break up the ticket. For example, you cannot break up the $10 ticket and get free entries into 10 $1 contests. The ticket can only be used on one entry for the number assigned to it.

As far as earning tickets are concerned, there are multiple ways to get tickets. You can win them on our daily rewards wheel and by using a specific promotion. You can also buy tickets in our ticket store. You can find our ticket store by going to your profile and when you tap on “ticket store” it will bring you here:

The store will give you choices of tickets you can buy using reward points (we will get there in a second). Lastly, you can earn tickets by placing in a prize position in a contest. This contest is called a satellite contest. This means whoever places in a prize position in this contest wins a free entry into a future contest. This ticket that is won in a satellite contest can only be used in the future contest it is tied to. If you do not use this ticket, it will expire and will not be usable anymore. The fun thing about these tickets is they are usually tickets to HUGE contests so always keep an eye out for satellite contests! 

Reward Points

The only use for reward points at the moment is to purchase contest tickets. As far as earning them, there are multiple ways to earn them. You can earn them on our daily rewards wheel, entering contests, and also points towards your ranks for each sport. In the screenshot below, you can see an example of what it would look like:

When it comes to leveling up your Sport Rank on specific sports there is an emphasis on smaller contests such as H2Hs and smaller-sized multiplayer contests. Entering H2Hs gives you one Reward Point per entry towards your Sport Rank while winning those give you 5 Reward Points. Beating a player with a higher rank than you will provide you with an added bonus towards leveling up your Sport Rank. As for multiplayer contests, you will receive Reward Points towards your Sport Rank should you finish in the top 3 of a contest with 20 entries or more.  Free contests provide similar Reward Points for leveling up Sport Rank but are limited to one contest per day. Additionally, you will receive 1 Reward Point towards your Sport Rank per entry with a limit of one per contest. Once you level up, you will receive a certain amount of reward points.

So that covers all of the forms of currency on SuperDraft! As always, if you have any questions on this, please use the link below. We would be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have!



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