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How To Live Bet

Want to learn how to bet during a LIVE game? We are here to help you out!

How To Create A Parlay

Looking to do a Parlay on the SuperDraft Sportsbook? We are here to help!

SuperCoin vs. Store Credit

You might be confused on what the difference between SuperCoin and Store Credit is. We are here to provide some context!

How to Refer a Friend

Looking for some FREE SuperCoin to use on Bets?! Read here how to refer-a-friend!

Using the Cash Out Feature

Want to know how to cash out a live bet on SuperDraft Sportsbook? We got you covered!

The 3 players You Wish You Had in Your NBA Lineup Last Week

There were three low-owned players that shook up our NBA slates last week. Find out who they are!

NBA Slate Preview (3/17) – Game by Game Breakdown

Looking for the best NBA plays tonight? We got you covered from game to game!

NBA Slate Preview (3/11/21) – Top Intriguing Players by Position

The NBA is back in action following the All-Star break! Take a look at our picks for intriguing players that should be in your lineup.

The Lineup That GUARANTEES You WIN Cash On Championship Sunday

Looking for the lineup that wins you money is weekend? We got it for you right here!

Fantasy Gainz 1/14 – Divisional Round Debates You Can’t Look Away From

Squish & Kyle have you covered for this weekend's NFL slate and the night of NBA!

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