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We are going to take a look back at the week-that-was as it pertains to my SuperDraft picks for the Tour Championship. It was a bit of a strange week for the first time playing so I’m looking forward to when the Tour fires back up in two weeks.

If you’re not familiar with SuperDraft, go sign up now and use promo code “FTN.” It’s a unique format in which you pick your golfers based on a pre-determined point multiplier instead of a salary. As with most new formats, there can be early edges before the rest of the field catches on to new formats and scoring systems. During my first week, I used my ratings to pick golfers whose multipliers were larger than their competition, relative to where I had them in skill ratings.

My picks from last week:

· Cameron Smith 1.25x – Scored 81.25

· Louis Oosthuizen 1.20x – Scored 79.2

· Harris English 1.25x – Scored 88.75

Overall, I think the picks were pretty solid. The winning lineup in the $18 GPP scored a total of 603.75 points, and they had two of my picks in their lineup, Smith and English. The true king of the format last week was Kevin Na, who scored an enormous 138.75 with his 1.25x multiplier. This was a surprise to me considering East Lake does not setup particularly well for his game. He was elite from tee to green, predictably struggling OTT (lost 0.5 strokes per round) but gained 1.5 with just his irons.

It was only the first tournament I’ve followed, and again, it was only a 30-person field, but a large majority of the lineups at the top of the GPP were full of all golfers getting multipliers, which makes sense in larger fields chasing upside. I am curious to see if this continues to play out in 150-person fields as well and if avoiding the 1x players will be +EV.

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