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The partnership between SuperDraft and Caesars Rewards is here to take your Daily Fantasy Sports experience to a place it has never been before! On each of SuperDraft’s platforms, there is a way to win huge Caesars prizes that you can not win on any other DFS site. Let’s go through each SuperDraft platform and show what Caesars benefits each of them has.

Daily Fantasy Sports Contests

For special DFS contests surrounding a big event, we award Caesars rewards credits and vacations to Caesars resorts to the top place finisher. In one of our contests for the Super Bowl between the Bucs and Chiefs, the 1st place finisher got a $1,000 vacation to a Caesars resort.

“I ended up in first and my heart almost jumped out of my chest. I was given an awesome Caesars VIP vacation! Superdraft, in conjunction with Caesars staff was very helpful in setting everything up. I’m so happy and excited! Now, Superdraft is my go-to for anything daily fantasy.”

From User: whosnext00

In one of our 2021 NBA Finals contests, we awarded 1st place $200,000! Caesars reward credits and 2nd and 3rd place 100,000 Caesars reward credits. Caesar Reward Credits are compensation currency towards entertainment, room and food purchases at any Caesar Entertainment property.

Free to Play SportsBook

On our free-to-play Sportsbook, you can earn countless Caesars prizes without even spending a single dime. You can place bets in the SuperDraft SportsBook for FREE with no risk! With every correct bet you make you earn SuperDraft store credit. If you build up enough store credit, you will be able to purchase several different types of Caesars Prizes:

  • 500 Caesars Reward Credits
  • Caesars Hotel 1 Night (Caesars Reward Credit of 10,000)
  • Caesars Game Day Watch Party Invite for 2 (Caesars Reward Credit of 30,000)
  • Caesars Ultimate Golf for 2 (Caesars Reward Credit of 40,000)
  • Caesars Ultimate Spa for 2 (Caesars Reward Credit of 40,000)
  • Caesars Ultimate Private Dinner for 2 (Caesars Reward Credit of 50,000)
  • Caesars Ultimate Show Tickets for 2 (Caesars Reward Credit of 50,000)
  • Caesars Ultimate Vacation Getaway for 2 (Caesars Reward Credit of 150,000)
  • Caesars Bottle Service at Night Club (Caesars Reward Credit of 300,000)

There are not many better deals out there than this one. So keep betting on the SuperDraft Sportsbook with no financial risk and you can win at least one of these amazing prizes from Caesars.

SuperSports Global

If you purchase the Elite SuperSports Global subscription on SuperDraft, you will automatically qualify for invitations to VIP Watch Parties at Caesars destinations on game days! In addition, when you combine this with all of the other benefits that come with being an elite SSG subscriber, you are getting tremendous value at $100 per month! If you are interested in purchasing the elite package, you will just need to scroll to the bottom of the “Play SuperSports” home page.

Reward Points Integration

To take your Caesars fantasy experience to the next level, we are planning to have Caesars tier credits integrate directly with Reward Points on SuperDraft. Unfortunately, the integration has not happened yet but when it does, you can convert SuperDraft reward points over the Caesars tier credits. You can earn SuperDraft reward points by simply entering contests. You get rewarded for playing consistently and making progress on your sport ranks. To learn more about your sport rank, take a look at the “rewards point” section of this SuperDraft currency article.

In addition to that, you can spin the daily rewards wheel and earn reward points that way as well. Earning reward points does not tie to winning so you can be a casual player and still earn a lot of reward points!

So what happens once you turn your reward points to Caesars tier credits? These tier credits will go towards your Caesars tier status. The tier status’ are Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Diamond Plus, Diamond Elite, and Seven Stars. Earn more tier credits you will climb up the ladder of tier status. Each tier has a list of benefits, that list grows as you make your journey from Gold status all the way to Seven Stars status.


The SuperDraft Caesars partnership is already giving you the chance to have an unprecedented DFS experience and it will only grow from here! Start your SuperDraft journey now by downloading our app in the Apple Store or Google Play Store and play on the SuperDraft website.


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