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Protected: Benefits and Perks of Player Subscriptions

Participating in games might be the main reason you have chosen to purchase a SuperDraft subscription, but don't count out the other benefits! On top of offering private entry into daily contests, you'll also get opportunities for...

Protected: Verifying Your Account

Before you can start playing, we just need to verify who you are. The guide below will take walk you through the verification process and explain what to do if you encounter any issues.

Protected: SuperSports Playbook: Coaches

Hi Coaches! We're glad to have you on our team. Please use this playbook as a guide to everything you need to know as a SuperDraft Coach. Learn about the different benefits of becoming a Coach, make...

Protected: Coaches Communication Guide

Hey Coaches! We know behind every great team is a great coach who prepares them. That's why we put this guide together for you. Learn about the different ways to communicate to your current Street Team and...

Protected: How to Prospect Friends and Family

Prospecting doesn't need to be hard! Remember, everyone either likes or loves sports, OR knows people who like or love sports. Invite friends/family over to watch sporting events you're already going to be watching, and have them...

Protected: Become A Coach

Let’s face it, you’re going to be playing anyway so why not get PAID to do it? As a SuperDraft Coach, you’ll earn monthly commissions on anyone you sign up to play under your affiliate. 

Protected: How to Get Your Friends Involved

Getting Friends involved with SuperSports is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Play GamesFind Others Who Want to Play GamesPlay Games with Them, Have Fun and Get PAID Anything that...

Protected: SuperDraft Communication Guide

Before we get started, there are a few GOLDEN RULES you must follow. Currently, the only way to receive credit for recruiting a player or coach is through your personal microsite link. DO NOT...

Protected: Players’ Playbook

Brought to you exclusively by SuperSports Global Hey Players! Just like in sports, the best teams are the ones with the best game plan. That's why we're giving you the ultimate playbook for...

Protected: Subscription Plan Tiers

Here is a breakdown of each plan including the monthly subscription cost and the features that are included within tier. Free and Fun Pass - $0 / Month Start playing...