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NBA Slate Preview (5/12/21) – The Beard is BACK, Is He Worth Drafting?

The regular season is coming to a close and, thanks to the play-in tournament, we're seeing some great competition. Tonight is a relatively small 5-game slate, but we should see the return of two of the biggest...

Knicks vs Lakers Champion Mode (5/11/21) – Top Defenses Collide in Tonight’s Featured Champion...

Which players should you target in tonight's Lakers-Knicks matchup? Read more to find out!

NBA Slate Preview (5/10/21)- Start or Fade Lonzo Ball?

Lonzo Ball is a polarizing DFS play... do we love him or hate him?? Read to find out!

Laker vs. Blazers Preview (5/7/21) – Which Star Will Have A Big Night?

Who are the big fantasy players in this crucial Lakers/Blazers match-up? Take a look at who our strategy team likes!

Nets vs Mavs Champion Mode (5/6/21)- Who Shines With Porzingis Out?

With Porzingis out, which Mavs players step up? Our Strategy team has that answer for YOU!

NBA Slate Preview (5/5/21) – The Underrated Star Poised for a HUGE Game

The league's most underrated star is about to go OFF tonight. Find out who it is!

NBA Slate Preview (5/3/21) – Can Chef Curry Cook Up Something Good in the...

Which Warriors will be golden in the matchup against the Pelicans and what usually reliable NBA center gets the Fade for tonight?

NBA Slate Preview (4/30/21) – What Promising Rookie is a Friday FADE and Who...

The availability of Giannis will be the crucial piece of news to keep an eye on this evening. If he is out (which we are currently assuming him to be), some of these secondary Milwaukee players are...

NBA LAC vs. PHO Preview (4/28/21) – The Top Plays and Projections

Get all of the best picks for the Suns vs Clippers single game slate here!

NBA Slate Preview (4/28/21) – Are We Buying Stars Returning From Injury?

Which star returning from injury should you fade in tonight's NBA slate? Our Strategy team has the answer!

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