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NBA Preview 2/27/20: Top Picks By Position

Smaller slates get me excited enough as it is and seeing Lebron out really moves the needle for me. There are only two players under 1.2X expected to play in tonight's four-game slate which means you're going to have to look for value.

NBA Preview 2/26/20: Top Picks For Each Multiplier Tier By Position

With only six games in the SuperDraft slate tonight, take a look at our best picks for tonight!

NBA Preview 2/25/20: Top Picks By Position

With King James and the Greek Freak being the only players at 1X in this slate, there is plenty of juice to go around - just don't drink the Koolaid. Here are my top five plays tonight to help you cash out!

Single Game Champion Mode Lineup Builders – Celtics at Lakers

You won't see Lebron on the list because of his multiplier and I don't think he holds a lot of value today. Feel free to roster him but with the crazy multipliers in single-game slates, I want to focus on some guys with a bit more juice.

NBA Preview 2/22/20: Top Picks By Position

This is not a slate where you want to get cute with your longshots but I have a couple of mid to low-tier players to think about plus a strategy focused on attacking teams on the second half of a back-to-back.

NBA Preview 2/21/20: Next Man Up

Marc Gasol has been out for a bit but for guys like Damian Lillard, Kemba Walker and Karl-Anthony Towns, they did not expect to be in this position following the layoff. Here are my top plays tonight to try and combat the injury bug!

NBA Preview 2/12/20: Top Picks For Each Multiplier Tier By Position

We have a 9 game NBA slate tonight on SuperDraft! Take a look at our best picks for tonight to help you win big!

NBA Preview 2/11/20: Top Picks By Position

It's not exactly a "Super Tuesday" as there are only five games on tonight's slate but there is plenty of money to be made! Take a look at my top plays tonight that include two players at 1.85X.

NBA Preview 2/10/20: Top Picks For Each Multiplier Tier By Position

We have a realtively weak draft group this Monday. Take a look at our picks to help you build a winning lineup!

NBA Preview 2/9/20: Top Picks By Position

With All-Star weekend around the corner, a lot of players around the league are looking to get healthy. Injuries provide a lot of opportunities in this six-game slate and I'm looking to exploit them.